7 Sadów Perry

7sadow_perryCompany: 7 Sadow Plus H20
Country of Origin: Poland
Pears: Polish pears, varieties unknown
Sweetness: medium 
ABV: 5%
Bottle type: 750ml champagne style
Carbonation: fully sparkling
Recommended type of glass: flute

Appearance: clear golden with a lot of head, sparkling. I don’t think it is a natural carbonation. There is brown sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Aroma/Nose: slightly dry, fruity, pear, very pleasant. I don’t get any artificial flavours.

Taste: I was expecting something sweet, whereas I was pleasantly surprised by a medium dry taste. There is a nice soft pear taste. However, it is a bit too watery. Something is missing here. There is a slightly bitter taste that appears at the end. After a while, the taste gets sweeter so I would recommend to drink it properly chilled.

Overall: Since the look of the label wasn’t very appealing I must admit that I wasn’t expecting anything good here. The label suggests a beverage containing artificial flavours or, in the best case scenario, sweet pear juice type. But I was totally wrong and for the decent price of ca. 2.5 EUR you can get a really pleasant perry. Not too much of complexity tough but it is a really nice and enjoyable perry. From me, this Polish perry gets 3 out of 6.

Availability: at almost every hypermarket such as Tesco or Auchan in Poland. However, I bought this one a while ago at STUDIUM DOBREGO PIWA, a store selling craft beer in Szczecin, Poland.

Price: don’t remember now but must have been around 10 PLN (2.5 EUR).