Bembel with Care Apfelwein Pur

Bembel with Care Apfelwein Pur supposed to be the new face of German Apfelwein. But how does it taste like?bembel-with-care-apfelwein-purCompany: Kelterei Krämer 
Region of Origin: Reichelsheim-Beerfurth, Germany
Apples: as per website it is a blend of apples from Odenwald
Sweetness as per label: German dry cider
ABV: 6%
Package type: 500ml can
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute

Appearance: clear, almost pale yellow body with no head, light to medium carbonation (unlikely natural).

Aroma/Nose: nose is dry and typical for white sparkling grape wine. Apple note similar to apple juice sold in Tetra Pack. I can smell also a hint of some kind of sulphuric compounds (too much of sulphites?).

Taste: I thought that cider is made of apples but Bembel with Care put this into question. It tastes like very strongly diluted lemon juice. Not even lemonade. No taste of apples at all! Only some metallic and weird funky flavor that is difficult to describe, but definitely not pleasant. Bembel with Care is quite tart but not as tart as most German Apfelweins coming from Frankfurt/Main area. No residual sugar, no tannins. Null! (German for zero).

Overall: The only positive thing about Bembel with Care is the name itself and the label design, which is modern and really inviting (nicely done!). However, the cider makers didn’t do their job properly. To me, this is not cider, not Apfelwein or whatever you name it. I am sorry to say this but I am truly disappointed as I wanted to try cider/apfelwein not low-quality watery lemonade with disturbing metallic and funky notes. My first and last time drinking Bembel with Care Apfelwein Pur. Sorry, guys. 2/6 (only because I really like the design).

Availability: To my knowledge Bembel with Care is available from Rewe – German supermarket chain but can be purchased from I bought this one at Getränke Hoffmann in Berlin.

Price: 1.30 EUR from Getränke Hoffmann.