Kliment Demi Sec 2014

It’s time for Czech Cider!Cidrerie Kliment Demi Sec.jpgCompany: Cidrerie Kliment
Region of Origin: Prague, The Czech Republic
Apples: as per website a combination of different varieties of Czech apples
Sweetness as per label: demi-sec
ABV: 3%
Package type: 750ml champagne corked bottle
Recommended type of glass: flute

Appearance: pours a clear, deep golden body with a thin head, nice sparkling, heavy carbonation

Aroma/Nose: the nose is sweet and full of apples. Apple aromas are really overwhelming! Some vanilla and woody notes are also present. Absolutely fantastic!

Taste: I was a bit frightened that it might be too sweet as I am more of a dry cider drinker. But to my surprise, the level of sweetness was still acceptable to me as it was well balanced out with tart apples and taste of ripe apples. I can taste also some woody notes probably coming from the oak vat? On the other hand, this cider is not astringent and bitter at all.

Overall: This is one of the first Czech ciders I have ever tried but it seems that Czech can produce a really decent cider. I will be for sure getting more of them. Demi Sec is still too sweet for my palate but it is just a matter of personal preferences. Next time I will go for the Brut or Extra Brut. I only hope that Kliment Cider will be soon available in other parts of Europe than the Czech Republic as well! 4.5/6

Availability: wine and craft beer selling stores in the Czech Republic.

Price: bought at 140 CZK (5 EUR) in InCider Bar in Prague.


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