Clive’s Wobblejuice Cider

Clive’s Fruit Farm has been established in 1917 in Worcestershire but cider has been made on the farm for over half a century. They produce many other fruits and veggies than apples, thus cider making is just a side business.Wobblejuice Cider.jpgCompany: Clive’s Fruit Farm
Place of Origin: Worcestershire, UK
Apples: a blend of home grown apples
ABV: 5.1%
Package type: 500ml clear glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute

Appearance: pours a slightly hazy, pale amber with no head. However, there is a persistent ring along the walls of the glass. Carbonation is gentle with small beading bubbles and seems to be natural.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma is really hypnotizing! Lots of baked apples, some apple juice, and skins. I can also sense some vanilla, woody and distant barnyard notes. Reminds me slightly of calvados. Very appealing.

Taste: my first impression is medium tart apples and watery taste. Then a sulphuric note with a hint of astringent taste appears on the palate along with surprisingly….a note of watermelon. The finish is dry and bitter, with a warming and biting effect coming from alcohol.

Overall: Wobblejuice tastes completely different to all ciders I have sampled so far. I think the taste is just not completely balanced. Maybe Wobblejuice Cider wasn’t aged long enough and didn’t lose the harsh booze like alcohol structure. What I also find disturbing is the prolonged bitter taste, which could give one an impression you are actually drinking beer. Not my personal favourite but if you like watermelon notes with spirit this cider might be your thing. 3/6

Availability: locally at Clive’s Fruit Farm in Worcestershire, UK.

Price: came with a craft cider subscription from Orchard Box.