K Cider

I was fooled by a sophisticated look of K Cider.
K Cider.jpgCompany: C & C Group Plc
Place of Origin: UK
Apples: a blend of English apples
ABV: 8.4%
Package type: 500 ml can
Recommended type of glass: pint glass

Appearance: pours a clean, intense golden yellow with a small white head, which quickly disappears. Carbonation is high and artificial.

Aroma/Nose: aroma is sweet and slightly resembles Johnnie Walker Red Label Whisky. Some vanilla and apple juicey scents are also available. Not so bad to be honest.

Taste: not too sweet, but the sweet taste seems to come from a sweetener. There is some lemon juice like a moderate acidic taste. On the palate, there is an unpleasant, metallic flavour with a cheap whisky taste. But why whisky taste in a cider? Finish is slightly bitter with a nasty apple concentrate note, which forces me unwillingly to grimace. Alcohol taste is not really hidden as it attacks from all sides like a real booze. Apples are also perceivable but again from a concentrate. No astringent taste.

Overall: I admit that K has a complex taste, as many various flavours are perceivable. But literally, none of them can be considered pleasant or enjoyable in any way. This is an example of how cider should not taste like. Avoid! 1.5/6

Availability: It should be banned, if you ask me. 1.09 GBP in retail in the UK. Broadly available.

Price: bought online from The English Shop at 2.99 EUR.