Loïc Raison Cidre Bouché Breton Brut

Cidre Loïc Raison is a French mainstream cider brand, which was originally established in 1923. Now it belongs however to a large corporation.Loic Raison Brut.jpgCompany: Cidrerie Loïc Raison 
Place of Origin: Domagne, Bretagne, France
Apples: a blend of Bretagne apples
Sweetness as per label: Brut
ABV: 4.5%
Package type: 750ml champagne corked bottle
Recommended type of glass: flute or bolée (looks like a tea cup; traditionally used in Bretagne for drinking cidre).

Appearance: pours a clear, pale orange/light amber body with a huge white head, which dissipates within seconds. The carbonation is average but weaker than typically seen in ciders produced with the champagne method.

Aroma/Nose: Wood, plenty of it with crisp apple and dry white wine notes. Also, some apple flesh and distant green notes are present on the nose.

Taste: Interestingly the first perceivable taste is wood. The woody taste is strong and lingers on throughout the whole sip. It is not unpleasant but dominating, not really fading away (did they use a new oak vat for this batch?). There are also bitter notes present, which after a few seconds give room to the medium sweetness with a green apple hint. I don’t sense any sourness or perhaps acids are just well balanced with sugars. Alcohol is not perfectly hidden and slightly perceivable. The finish is dry with some apple juice hints. No astringent taste on the palate.

Overall: For a mainstream cider Loïc Raison Brut tastes satisfying. Loïc Raison Brut is drinkable, perhaps not spectacular but for sure you can’t say you are drinking an artificial fizzy drink. It is an average, simple though but still pleasant cider. But, I don’t plan to buy it anytime soon. 3.5/6

Availability: Broad in supermarkets in France such as Carrefour or Auchan. Otherwise, check out grocery stores selling French products.

Price: purchased locally from  Galeries Lafayette Berlin at 3 EUR.




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