Maeloc Sidra con Fresa

Maeloc Sidra con Fresa (strawberry-flavoured cider) from Galicia region of Spain.Maeloc con fresa.jpgCompany: Maeloc Way
Place of Origin: A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Ingredients: Galician apples, 6% strawberry juice from concentrate and aroma. 
Sweetness as per label: dry cider with a strawberry flavour.
Alc: 4%
Package type: 330 ml amber glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: any glass will do

Appearance: pours a clean, pale red body (strawberry jam-like) with a large white head, which quickly disappears. High and unlikely natural carbonation.

Aroma/Nose: when I opened the bottle a strawberry aroma typical for strawberry jam or fizzy drink appeared. Definitely not natural. No apples on the nose. Strawberries totally overpowered the aroma of this sidra.

Taste: strawberry jam with some hints of strawberry ice cream, milkshake or candy. Maeloc is moderately sweet, slightly acidic but not dry as stated on the bottle. Again, I can’t taste any apples. In the aftertaste, there is a strange artificial flavour. But again, no apples.

Overall: not that bad as I expected. Basically, it tasted like a fizzy strawberry jam lemonade. It is not as artificial as the most mass-market flavoured ciders but the problem with this cider is that the strawberry flavour is too dominating. It is a nice fizzy summer drink though. 2.5/6

Availability: seems to be available in many supermarkets all over Europe.

Price: bought locally in Karstadt in Berlin for 1 EUR.