Honey’s Midford Cider with a Sparkle

Honey’s Midford Cider is produced on a small farm in Midford near Bath, Somerset, UK. For their ciders, Bob Honey and his daughter Jules use not only locally grown cider apple varieties but also to a lesser extent eating and cooking apples.
Company: Honey & Daughter
Place of Origin: Midford near Bath, Somerset, UK
a blend of locally grown Somerset cider apple varieties such as Slack m’girdle, Harry Masters Jersey, Yarlington Mill, Stembridge Cluster, Dunkerton Late Sweet, Ten Commandments, Crimson King and Brown Snout with a small proportion of eating and cooking apples
Sweetness as per label: 
medium dry
Package type:
500ml clear glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass:
white wine glass, pint glass or snifter

Note: unfiltered

Appearance: pours a lightly cloudy, pale straw yellow with a light body and no head. Carbonation is low to medium. No visible bubbles, but when you pour some cider into the glass the carbonation reveals itself full force. Also, carbonation is perceivable on the palate.

Aroma/Nose: a strong and pleasant scent of unfiltered cider with funky, barnyard and apple notes. Slightly sour and fruity on the nose. There is also some peach with apple wine and hints of alcohol. Pleasant.

Taste: Dryer side of semi-dry. If there is any minimal residual sweetness then it is followed by pleasant crisp tartness with bitter notes and a pineapple hint. In the beginning, there is a sulphuric taste, which is gone after two sips. Alcohol is only slightly perceivable. The finish is dry with absolutely fantastic lingering bitter notes resembling grapefruit flesh with green apple. Slightly astringent. Quite unique for a cider and delicious!!!

Overall: Very very pleasant, slightly dry and crisp cider with nice complexity. Every sip is a pleasure. Nicely balanced with rich citrus flavours. I have no idea where did the grapefruit hints come from. I can imagine it would taste even better on a hot summer day. Summarizing, Honey’s Midford Cider with a Sparkle is a really nice cider I could drink every day. What a pleasure! 5/6

Availability: all around Bath, UK.

Price: came with a cider subscription from Orchard Box. Thank you! 🙂