Cyderia Jabłko Adama

Jabłko Adama (Polish for ‘Adam’s apple‘) is a cider produced by Cyderia, a cider bar that just recently opened its doors in Warsaw, Poland. Check out my blog post from my visit at Cyderia here.

Cyderia / Śródmieście Południowe
Place of Origin:
Warsaw, Poland
no information available
Sweetness as per label:
medium dry
Package type:
750ml green glass bottle 
Recommended type of glass:
pint glass, flute or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear, light golden with a white minor quickly disappearing head. Visible champagne-like carbonation. Body is light to medium. 

on the nose, there are red ripe apples and overripe apples with a dry white wine note. Also, a slightly sweet honey-like aroma with odd unrecognizable flavours. Old vat? The aroma is rather disturbing.

Taste: It begins with a light sweetness coming from overripe apples. There is also some spiciness to it with slightly acidic note resembling a tart apple pie. Also, some unpleasant earthy notes are perceivable. The finish is dry with a gentle bitter taste. 

Overall: I’d love to support small entrepreneurs but this cider simply doesn’t taste well to me. Jabłko Adama is complex but not well balanced. There are unpleasant and disturbing earthy notes. Also, I suspect that this cider is made only from eating apples. I could even give it a guess that Champion is being one of the eating apples used. I wouldn’t buy it again. Thankfully, there are many other delicious Polish craft ciders available at Cyderia. 2.5/6

Availability: only in Warsaw, exclusively at Cyderia / Śródmieście Południowe

Price: 9 PLN (2.5 EUR) for a wine glass; 40 PLN (9.5 EUR) for a bottle (750ml?)