Hunt’s Whisky Conditioned Cider

The Hunt’s have been producing cider on their farm in South Devon, UK for more than 200 years. The business is still growing as in 2015 they pressed around 150.000 litres apple juice. Moreover, they have just launched a completely new cider range. Anyway, I am really excited to finally try their cider!

Company: Hunt’s Cider
Place of Origin: Grove Orchard, Stoke Gabriel, Totnes, Devon, UK
Ingredients: apples grown on the farm
ABV: 6%
Package type: 500ml clear glass with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or snifter

Note: matured for 18 months in an oak whisky barrel, contains the sweetener Sucralose.

Appearance: pours a clear light amber with orange and very light golden hues. No visible carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: dry with notes of vanilla and wood. There are also overripe apples on the nose with a light sweet note to it.  Quite tannic. I don’t smell any whisky though. Pleasant aroma.

Taste: there goes the whisky! The first sip was quite harsh, as the Hunt’s cider immediately hits the taste buds. This cider is definitely on the drier side. Intriguingly, there is some sort of a ham taste perceivable in the beginning. I can also sense overripe apples, whisky, wood, vanilla. Almost no tartness, but the acidity increases over time. The finish has dry and relatively strong bitter tannic taste but mild astringency. Again, the bitter taste reduces over time.

Overall: I love them both whisky and cider. Cider is usually drunk at 8-10°C, whereas whisky is usually consumed at room temperature. To be honest I didn’t enjoy this cider when it was properly chilled (just taken out of the refrigerator). It tasted unbalanced, not well rounded, also, acidity was not perceivable. However, once it warmed up (almost reached room temperature) the taste significantly improved. It allowed all whisky and cider flavours to shine through and since then every sip was enjoyable. However, this is still not my cup of tea. 3.5/6 


Availability: doesn’t seem to be available on Hunt’s Cider website anymore. I guess the whisky conditioned cider is out of stock or it has something to do with the new cider range.

Price: came with a cider subscription offered by Orchard Box.

Dear Hunt Family, please consider putting a note on the label ‘enjoy at RT’. Try it yourself and then please give me your feedback 🙂