Kwaśne Jabłko Beczka 4

Kwaśne Jabłko literally means ‘sour apple’ in Polish. The cidery was established by Ewa and Marcin Wiechowski in Masuria, an area being famous for a large collection of lakes and unspoiled nature. Kwaśne Jabłko’s ciders are well-recognised and so far have received a number of awards from EnoExpo, British Cider Championship in 2015 and Pomme d’Or in Frankfurt in 2016.17813867_10155049640230915_1157866874_n.jpgCompany: Kwaśne Jabłko
Place of Origin: Świątki, Masuria, Poland
Apples: apples grown in old orchards. Some of the apple varieties feature Antonowka, Belle de Boskop, Grey Reinette, Topaz, Golden Delicious and Jonathan.
Sweetness as per label: dry
ABV: 5.5%
Package type: 750ml wine bottle
Recommended type of glass: white wine glass or flute

Appearance: pours a slightly cloudy light amber body with orange hues and no head. Lightly sparkling smooth carbonation. Body is light.

Aroma/Nose: Really gorgeous rich aroma of still fermenting apples with notes of vanilla, honey with a touch of acidity. There are also floral notes on the nose with some spiciness to it.

Taste: it starts dry with a moderate lemon-like acidity. The mid-palate has some wild notes with overripe apples and a touch of spiciness. The aftertaste is certainly dry and slightly astringent with a touch of light bitterness.

Overall: A really decent and complex cider with a nice structure and absolutely gorgeous aroma. Perhaps not mind-blowing to my palate, but I’m looking forward to trying other ciders from their portfolio.  4/6

Availability: Check out Źródło Niebanalnych Piw i Alkoholi when you are in Warsaw or Pod Wiaduktem if you are in Cracow. Or you can drop an email to Marcin to place your order.

Price: 20 PLN (approx. 5 EUR) for a wine glass at Cyderia, the first cider bar in Warsaw, which I have visited recently (here is a recap of my visit).