Viuda de Angelon ‘1947’ Sidra Natural Asturias

The history of Viuda de Angelon dates back to 1947 when Alfredo Ordoñez Onís established the sidreria at the orchards of Alameda. In 1978 they moved to their current location in La Teyera, Nava.img_8928Company: Lagar Sidra Viuda de Angelón
Place of Origin: Nava, Asturia, Spain
Apples: apples from their own orchards
ABV: 6%
Package type: 750ml amber glass bottle with natural cork
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute

Appearance: pours a clear, deep golden yellow with almost no carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: On the nose there are ripe and red apples with is some light acetic-acidity. After few further sniffs, I think I can smell a distant wood note.

Taste: it starts with medium sweetness and moderate acetic-like acidity. The mid-palate has red and ripe apples. The finish is dry with lingering bitter grapefruit and herbal notes. Tasty!

Overall: extremely delicious sidra, which will please very demanding cider lovers along with those, who just look for a tasty thirst quencher. But why did the bottle end up so fast??? If you try ‘1947’ you will fall in love. Cheers! 5/6

Availability: this is a real challenge to find any sidra in Berlin or even Germany. Not to mention this particular sidra. A number of Spanish online shops such as Dispensa de Asturias, Sidra.Shop or Quesosaquilino sell ‘1947 at approx. 4-5 EUR/bottle, but I’m not sure whether they ship abroad.

Price: purchased online from Ciderwinkel. ‘1947’ was one of the sidras in the Spanish discovery box.