Doz de Dauzanges Cidre Rosé

If I understand correctly Doz de Dauzanges is a small company, which was established only in March 2009 by Ange Giard and currently hires three employees. They specialize in calvados, pommeau AOC, cognac, and whisky but also in cider. Most of their products are customized and exported to Russia and Japan and apparently also to Germany.Company: Doz de Dauzanges
Place of Origin: Saint-Martin-de-Landelles, Normandy, France
Fruits: undisclosed apples and pears
ABV: 2%
Package type: 750ml clear glass champagne bottle sealed with a champagne cork with cage
Recommended type of glass: flute or bowl

Note: contains colouring anthocyanin

Appearance: pours a clear deep amber with a reddish tinge and a white short-living head, which reduces to a long-lasting ring around the glass. Carbonation is sparkling.

Aroma/Nose: on the nose scent of red apple flesh, raspberries, and other red berries and something earthy and musty. Smells of sweet strawberry lemonade.

Taste: the first sip starts with a moderate acidity, which transforms to a moderately sweet and slightly watery taste. On the mid-palate strawberries, red apples with red berries with something earthy. Finish is short and dry. No perceivable tannins, only minor astringency. 

Overall: If you enjoy drinking red berry lemonade this cider will be your thing. It’s not too sweet as the acidity balances out the sweetness. Not really complex, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it as the Rose really wasn’t overly sweet. It’s good for a not too demanding cider drinker, but also for those, who are looking for clear cider with no funk or tannins or are just looking for a change. 4/6

Availability: in Germany from Jacques.

Price: purchased locally in Berlin from a wine store chain Jacques at 4.85 EUR.