Smykan Golden Delicjusz 2015

Smykan’s passion for cider started by coincident. They acquired a few acres of neighbouring land, which happened to be an old apple orchard, with the goal to plant and grow grapes for wine. However, before cutting down the trees they decided to make cider from apples grown in the orchard. And you can imagine what happened next. If you make cider once, you become a cider maker for life. Am I right? 😉Company: SLOW FLOW GROUP
Place of Origin: Raciechowice, Poland
Apples: a single variety cider from Golden Delicious coming from organic farms
ABV: 7%
Package type: 750ml green wine bottle with a crown cap.
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute
Note: unpasteurised, unfiltered with natural sediment. No sulphites added.

Appearance: pours a slightly hazy pale straw with a white head, which quickly dissipates. Slightly sparkling.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma has dry white wine notes. The scent resembles rather white wine than cider. I can sense also a hint of pineapple with camembert or brie.

Taste: the initial taste is quite dry and moderately acidic. The mid-palate has pineapple with a delicate hint of bitter grapefruit peel and barnyard. The aftertaste is dry with lingering and refreshing grapefruit bitter notes and a touch of green apple.

Overall: Golden Delicious is a typical dessert apple, so I expected rather an average or even a drink below average here. But I was completely wrong! Smykan’s Golden Delicious is complex, refreshing and extremely drinkable due to the moderate acidity and tropical fruits flavours. I truly enjoyed the aroma and the complex taste of this cider. Moreover, I’m definitely going to order more bottles of this one. You, my dear follower, should try Smykan’s Golden Delicjusz too. Good job, guys! 5/6

Availability: to my knowledge their ciders are currently available mainly in Poland through Produkty Niewinne i WinneRaj Piwosza,  Piwny KolektywChmielolak or Zrodlo Niebanalnych Piw i Alkoholi. But Lasidra also stocks Smykan’s cider.

Price: purchased from Chmielołak in Warsaw at 28 PLN (6.6 EUR)