Mayador Produccion Limitada Cosecha 2014

Bodegas Mayador was founded in 1939 by Manuel Busto Amandi in a small town of Villaviciosa, which as many other Spanish cider producers are located in Asturias. Today I am reviewing the Production Limitada Cosecha 2014, which was slowly fermented in chestnut barrels from selected Asturian apples following 14 months of maturation.Company: Bodegas Mayador
Place of Origin: Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain
Apples: selected apples
Sweetness as per label: semi-dry
ABV: 5%
Package type: 750ml green champagne corked bottle
Recommended type of glass: flute, snifter or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear golden with orange hues and no head. Lightly sparkling. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is rather dry and has overripe apples with a mild acetic note. Also, I can sense a delicate herbal note with some funk and a touch of wood.

Taste: it starts moderately sweet with a moderate acetic-acidity, which breaks the sweetness. Overripe red apples with herbs, pear and something spicy with a watery taste and a touch of smoked cheese and wood on the mid-palate. The finish is dry and slightly astringent with light and pleasant lingering bitterness.

Overall: Delicious sidra, which will most likely appeal to everyone. Perhaps doesn’t taste spectacular, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Produccion Limitada is refreshing and crisp with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. Tastes great on a hot summer day even without any food. I’m sure it wood pair well with something spicy. I would like to have it again one day. 4.5/6 

Availability: Produccion Limitada can be purchased from Ciderwinkel or La Sidra.

Price: purchased online from Ciderwinkel. Mayador Produccion Limitada was one of the sidras in the Spanish discovery box.