Beard & Sabre Dark Raven

Technically, it will be my first apple cider from the craft cider company, Beard and Sabre. As the last time, I’ve tried their Pumpkin Cider (you can see the review here) and I was astonished because the Pumpkin Cider was not only drinkable but really tasty. I think it it’s time for one of their real ciders made from apples, the Dark Raven! Dark Raven came fifth of twenty in the 2016 Cider and Perry Trials, Hereford as per their website.Company: Beard and Sabre Cider Company 
Place of Origin: Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK
Ingredients: traditionally pressed vintage cider apple blended with burnt sugar molasses, caramel.
ABV: 4%
Package type: 500ml clear glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass, snifter or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear pale orange with no head. No carbonation.

Aroma/Nose: the nose has green apples, toffee, cream, sweet, fermented apple, red apple, apple skin. Quite fruity.

Taste: it starts with a moderate sweetness, nicely balanced out with a moderate and pleasant acidity. Apple skins, red apples, fermented apples, pears and caramel on the mid-palate with a hint of cloves. The finish is dry and mildly astringent with a touch of bitterness. Strangely enough, it has a sweetener-like aftertaste.

Overall: I was slightly confused by the Cider Drinker, who reviewed the Dark Raven before me (see here for the link to his video). I expected an overly sweet toffee-like tasting cider. Well, this is not what I thought of this cider. The Dark Raven is indeed sweet, but not too sweet for my liking. I would describe it rather as a medium sweet cider with the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Also, many flavours on the palate make this cider very rich and drinkable. Briefly, I loved it! This cider is one of my favourites right now. 5.5/6 

Availability: from their online store. Also, they attend many food festivals in the UK. Otherwise, check Fetch the Drinks, I wasn’t able to find any other store outside the UK selling their Cider.

Price: came with my Orchard Box subscription.