Legacy Irish Craft Cider

Given the fact that the first written mention of cider in Ireland dates back to 1155, you’d expect a huge number of cider makers out there. But it’s not the case. The craft cider boom has only recently reached the green island just like the rest of Europe. This created a terrific opportunity to Liam McDonnell from Dungarvan, Co Waterford, to start a new business based on apples from orchards that were planted by his grandfather Willsie McDonell in the 1930’s and subsequently researched by his father, Dr Pat McDonnell. Apple growing, apple studies, cider making. Apple-related activities just run in the McDonnell family. Hence the name, Legacy.Company: Legacy Irish Craft Cider
Place of Origin: Carrigoe, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland
Apples: three apple varieties are used in the blend
Sweetness as per label: medium dry
ABV: 5%
Package type:  500ml brown glass with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: pint glass, wine glass or flute

Appearance: pours a slightly cloudy pale golden with a huge, quickly disappearing white head. High natural carbonation. Body is light.

Aroma/Nose: the nose exhibits lovely notes of crisp sour apples, yellow apples, fermented apples, wood and something floral with a hint of funk and distant paint remover.

Taste: the first sip is slightly sweet with low acidity and a hint of lemon. On the mid-palate yellow apples, pear, a gentle funky and smoky note with a touch of astringency. Distant notes of the grapefruit and apple seed-like bitterness in the aftertaste.

Overall: This is the 3rd Irish cider I have ever tried after the Finnbarra’s Dry and Longueville House Cider. However, I can’t compare Legacy Cider to any of them as it simply has its own style.  It’s refreshing and very quaffable. Legacy is a cider I could have with every meal, every time of the year, simply every day. Just a casual but extremely pleasant drop. It’s indeed medium dry as advertised. Interestingly, it’s lovely taste disappears very fast, it doesn’t linger on. This is perhaps the reason why you crave for the next sip and the bottle gets empty in no time. Summarizing, well-rounded, light and delicious, the Legacy Cider is a crowd pleaser. I would buy more. 5/6

Availability: only in Waterford and Cork county in Ireland for now, but they are planning to go nationwide.

Price: this cider was kindly sent to me by Liam from Legacy Cider.