Celtic Marches Down Down

Down Down cider is the next cider I am sampling from Celtic Marches. This cider is basically a joint venture with an English rock band, you have surely heard of, the famous Status Quo. The rockers, Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi of Status Quo visited the facilities in Herefordshire and even assisted with harvesting, crushing apples and pressing apple juice for cider.

If you want to watch a video on youtube with a snapshot of how the Down Down cider is produced with a special appearance by Status Quo just follow this link.Company:  Celtic Marches Beverages
Place of Origin: Bishops Frome, Herefordshire, UK
Apples: apples made on a family farm. Varieties grown on the farm include Dabinett, Michelin, Harry Masters, Three Counties and Yarlington Mill.
Sweetness as per label: medium
ABV: 4.6%
Package type: 500ml amber glass bottle with crown cap
Ingredients: cider apple juice, sugar and water

Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute

Appearance: pours a clear golden with a white head, which quickly disappears. Slightly sparkling.

Aroma/Nose: not so many flavours on the nose. I can smell green apple flesh, fermented apples and pears. The scent is slightly sweet.

Taste: it begins with a watery flavour with a very low acidity and low level of sweetness. The mid-palate has notes of fermented apples with green apples. The finish is dry with a minor bitter taste, light astringency (soft tannins) and a sweetener-like aftertaste on the tongue.

Overall: To my palate, the Down Down from the Celtic Marches company is a very average cider. ABV of 4.6% along with water on the ingredients list on the label indicate that the Down Down was diluted and you can actually taste it in this cider. The Down Down is drinkable, but I was rather disappointed with the taste and I doubt, whether I would purchase this particular cider again. There are better ciders around. 3/6

Availability: locally in Berlin from Hopfen and Malz. Online Ciderandmore, Biertempel,  Beers of Europe, The Pip Stop, Best of British Beer.

Price: purchased locally from Hopfen & Malz in Berlin at 3.5 EUR. Pay them a visit if you are in Berlin and seeking proper cider!