Dupont Cidre Bouché 2015

Cidre Bouché is the most widely available cider from one the finest cider makers in Normandy, France, Domaine Dupont. Bouché is produced using the traditional method of the Pays d’Auge. Manually picked apples are pressed, subsequently, the juice is fermented with wild yeast. Fermentation is slowed down by multiple racking to retain flavour and sweetness. The last step is bottling, which occurs between March and April.

This is my 2nd cider from Dupont reviewed here. I have previously sampled the Organic Bouché Brut 2011.
CALVADOS DUPONT Domaine Familial Louis Dupont 
Place of Origin: Victot-Pontfol, Normandy, France
Apples: 70% of bittersweet apples, 30% of acid apples
ABV: 5.5%
Package type: 330ml clear bottle with screw cap
Recommended type of glass: wine glass or pint glass

Appearance: pours an almost clear golden with orange hues. Slightly sparkling. Light to medium body. Some sediment in the bottle.

Aroma/Nose: the nose exhibits notes of red apple, yellow crisp fresh apple, fermented apples, red berries and oak. Underlying notes of caramel with funk round up the aroma.

Taste: the first sip has low to medium sweetness and low lemon-like acidity, followed by a very light watery taste, a smoky note (but only in the beginning), caramel, light burnt caramel, baked apples, and a touch of funk. The finish is dry with a lingering note of a crisp red apple (like biting into a fresh apple), low astringent taste and a touch of burnt caramel.

Overall: Dupont’s Bouche has an extreme depth and length of flavours including notes of funk and sulphur that at higher concentrations could be considered as disturbing. It’s like with perfume, high concentrations of specific compounds are unpleasant but low concentrations produce a glorious scent. This is exactly what is happening here. Hints of funk and sulphur balance on the edge adding complexity to apple, caramel and lemon notes, showing craftsmanship of cider maker. And, make this cider simply irresistible.  A cidre to fell in love with. 5/6

Availability: locally in Berlin in the Muted Horn. In Germany online through Vivino and Wine and Waters. Locally in Amsterdam and online in the Netherlands from Appels en Peren. In Belgium online from Bieres Gourmet. In Norway from Vinmonopolet. In Switzerland from Globus. Online in Denmark from Holm Cider and Godevine. In France online from Made in Calvados.

Price: bought locally in the Muted Horn in Berlin at 4.8 EUR.