Redbrook Chilli Cider

Until now I have tried only one chilli-infused cider and it wasn’t a cider from a European country but from Canada. It was Sulkers Pineapple-Penos made with pineapple and charred jalapeño so it’s not entirely the same as cider I’m giving a try tonight. Redbrook from the Czech Republic has provided me with a sample of the spicy version of their Original Polosuchý (semi-dry) infused with chilli. I don’t think that any cider maker in Europe has manufactured anything similar to this. Company: Redbrook Cider
Place of Origin: Dřínov, Central Bohemian Region, Czech Republic
Apples: a blend of Czech apples from Jiří Hubáček’s orchards with chilli
Sweetness as per label: semi-dry
ABV: 6%
Package type: 330ml amber glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or chalice glass

Appearance: pours a clear amber with an orange hue and a quickly dissipating white head. Low carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: not too many notes here. Just a flavour of commercial tetra-pack apple juice from a supermarket and some malty notes.

Taste: my first taste is medium sweet with low acidity. The mid-palate has a slight astringent taste, a flavour of a commercial tetra-pack apple juice and some light burning from powdered chilli that lingers on. Finishes dry leaving a flavour of tetra pack apple juice note.

Overall: the spiciness of chilli is not too high but nicely complements this cider and warms you from inside like a nice spicy meal. But just like other ciders from Redbrook, it tastes like an apple juice, not cider. Although I found it drinkable it tastes only average. Also, every time I would take a sip something (must be the chilli) irritated my throat and made me cough. I don’t remember coughing when I had Sulkers Pineapple-Penos. Taken together, I think it’s an interesting offering mostly due to the addition of chilli but I wouldn’t buy it again as it resembles a commercial tetra pack apple juice with chilli. Sorry, guys. 2/6

Availability: I couldn’t track a shop offering this cider in the Czech Republic so perhaps it was just an experiment?

Price: Chilli Cider was a sample provided by Redbrook Cider.


2 thoughts on “Redbrook Chilli Cider

  1. Sounds like something that would be made in the U.S.! We get all sorts of weird spicy infused ciders. I just don’t get the appeal, but some people must buy them or else they wouldn’t continue production.

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    1. that was exactly my thought that the Chilii Cider sounds like a U.S. cider. Anyway, I don’t think that spicy ciders will become a trend here in Europe.


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