Cydr Ignaców Czarny Ignac 2015

The name of ‘Czarny Ignac’, which I’m going to review tonight derives from a small town of Ignaców, where Cydr Ignaców is created. However, ‘Ignac’ also refers to a male short name ‘Ignacy’, Polish for ‘Ignatius’. ‘Czarny’ is Polish for black. So if you put all this together you get a name of the ‘Black Ignatius’. Sounds powerful and scary at the same time, doesn’t it?Company: Cydr Ignaców
Place of Origin: Ignaców, Masovia, Poland
Apples: a blend of wild apples, Ribston Pippin, Rederka and Arkad
ABV: 7.5%
Package type: 750ml green glass with crown cap
Recommended type of glass:  flute or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear deep golden with a small white head. Medium carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is aromatic and clear with notes of ripe yellow apples, apple skins, quince, caramel and a hint of ripe juicy pear.

Taste: my first taste is dry with a medium acidity of lemon. The taste moves then to ripe yellow apples, quince, a gentle bitterness of caramel, a medium astringent taste with herbal hints and a hint of alcohol. The finish is dry with a lingering medium astringent taste accompanied by ripe yellow apples. Also, a champagne-like note appears.

Overall: I like my cider to taste like the plant it’s made from, which is one of the reasons I enjoyed the Czarny Ignac 2015. On top of that, both the nose and palate change with the rise of temperature. In the beginning, the nose is dominated by notes of ripe yellow apples but after a while, a note of caramel comes to the front. Tannins are pronounced but nicely balanced. Overall, the Czarny Ignac 2015 has depth, length and a flavorful finish. No question. One of the best Polish ciders I’ve tried so far. Czarny Ignacy 2015 will go well with pork or veal but also on its own. I would buy more. 4.5/6

Availability: it might no longer be available in most Polish speciality shops but I saw a few bottles of the Czarny Ignac 2015 in Frank Winkler’s Lorsbacher Thal in Frankfurt. Perhaps also through Apfelweinkontor in Frankfurt.

Price: Tomasz passed me a bottle when we met up in Warsaw.