Pirn’sche Kälterei GoldCider Apfel 2016

Steve of Pirn’sche Kälterei is another German cidermaker who used a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to go ahead with his plans to make cider. Luckily for him, the crowdfunding campaign generated enough money, so in 2015 Steve could proceed with his dream and make cider from apples grown in old local orchards near Pirna, Saxony.  His efforts were rewarded as Steve’s cider won Silver at the Apfelwein International 2017 in Frankfurt.

Steve’s production method is based on wild yeast, slow fermentation and without any sulphites. Today I’m sampling the GoldCider Apfel 2016 from Pirn’sche Kälterei.Company: Pirn’sche Kälterei
Place of Origin: Pirna, Saxony, Germany
Apples: apples sourced from old Saxonian orchards
ABV: 6.7%
Package type: 750ml green glass champagne corked and wired bottle
Recommended type of glass: wine glass or chalice glass

Appearance: pours a clear deep golden/pale amber with a tiny short-lived white head. Low to medium carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma is strong and aromatic. It smells fruity of freshly squeezed apple juice from red apples and yellow apples. Also, distant notes of wood, pear, a hint of alcohol and a champagne note.

Taste: it starts with low sweetness and a low to medium acidity of lemon. Followed by a note of yellow apples, pears, a light astringent note, light wood. The finish is long with a touch of alcohol, light vanilla and rum, a touch of apple seeds, a light bitter note, a hint of sour cherries and cherry liqueur.

Overall: let me start with the bottle design first. I think the bottle looks fantastic! So you can’t really wait to try this cider. And the bottle content? In two words, absolutely delicious! ApfelGold Apfel has a beautiful, strong and complex aroma so every time you take a sniff you discover a new delicious flavour. Brilliant! The palate is similarly complex with a great depth and beautiful array of flavours like rum or sour cherries that last very long. Just like with the aroma, you discover a new flavour with every taken sip. But, from a champagne corked bottle, I honestly expected higher carbonation as the actual carbonation level can be described as rather low. So I was a bit disappointed if not surprised. But I do think that ApfelGold Cider would benefit even more from higher carbonation. Also, in my opinion, a tiny bit lower level of sweetness might bring this cider to a higher level. Overall, Steve has produced a liquid gold from Saxonian apples. I would definitely like to have more of this one. 5/6 

Availability: from Steve’s online shop. In Pirna at Meridas. More shops/restaurants coming soon!

Price: GoldCider Apfel was a sample provided by Steve from Pirn’sche Kälterei.