Hills Cider Pear

This time I’m reviewing the Pear Cider made entirely from Australian pears by the Hills Cider Company based in Adelaide Hills, Australia.Company: The Hills Cider Company
Place of Origin: North Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
Pears: Adelaide Hills pears
ABV: 5%
Package type: 330ml brown glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear golden with a small head, which quickly reduces to a ring. Medium carbonated. Body is light.

Aroma/Nose: on the nose notes of wood and sweet pear. The aroma is rather weak.

Taste: it begins medium sweet and low acidity with a distant acetic note. Also, flavours of honey, ripe pears with a hint of wood. No tannins perceivable.

no astringency, some wood.   not overly sweet, but too sweet.

Overall: the Hills Pear is drinkable, but I’d say it is rather an average naturally tasting pear cider. I know that I will quickly forget about it as the taste is not special or unique like e.g. the Perry from Ramborn Cider. It is clearly made from dessert pears. If you are looking for something challenging then Hills Pear will not be your thing. For those who prefer their perry on the sweeter side and are looking for a drinkable and naturally tasting alternative to industrial pear ciders. 3/6

Availability: broad in Australia in South East Asia. In Europe available through CiderCider.

Price: had a bottle at 24 RM (4.7 EUR) in Ales & Lagers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia