Tabun Cydr z Otomina Wytrawny 2018

Michał is a Polish cider maker, who established his cider business only in September 2018 and is lucky to have a very supportive wife Agata running a restaurant and a stud farm Tabun in Otomin, located approx. 7 km from Gdansk, Poland. For five years, he has been making cider and dreaming of setting up a cidery until his wife Agata finally convinced him to quit his job in the construction industry and do something he really loved, making cider. Isn’t Michał a lucky guy?
Apples that are used for his cider come from a single orchard. Michał works with both old apple varieties such as Landsberger Reinette, Kaiser Wilhelm or Transparente de Croncels but also with dessert apple varieties such as Champion, Spartan, Lobo or McIntosh.
At the moment, Michał has only one cider in his product range Cydr z Otomina Wytrawny (Cydr from Otomin Dry), which is bottle conditioned. However, Michał has lots of new ciders that are still ageing and will be released very soon.

Company: Restauracja Tabun
Place of Origin: Otomin, Pomerania, Poland
Apples: a blend of 14 apple varieties including 8 dessert or cookers such as Golden Delicious, and 6 old apple varieties such as Kaiser Wilhelm or Transparente de Croncels
Sweetness as per label: wytrawny (dry)
ABV: 6%
Package type: 
750 ml green glass with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: 
flute or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a cloudy golden yellow with a tiny white head. Medium to high natural carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma is strong with notes of funk, lemon, herbs including peppermint. A hint of sulphur and vinegar. Lightly spicy.

Taste: it starts bone dry with low acidity of lemon. Further down it gets watery with low astringency and citrusy notes of lemon. Finishes with citrusy and herbal notes.

Overall: the cider made by Michał is a drinkable, citrusy refreshing farmhouse cider. So due to some funkiness, it might not be suitable for every palate. As for me, I enjoyed having it and wouldn’t mind having it again. But still, I have a few critical notes to make. It lacks body and tastes too watery. I think that a tiny bit higher level of sweetness and acidity could round up the taste and make this cider full-bodied. Also, it finishes too quickly, the taste simply doesn’t last long so there is still room for improvement. As I said earlier, I liked it nevertheless and can imagine it will pair great with a variety of dishes.  3.5/6

Availability: at Restauracja Tabun in Otomin and from Alfroalko in Gdynia.

Price: a bottle of this cider was provided by Michał (Restauracja Otomin)