El Gaitero Red Grape

El Gaitero, one of the largest sidra producers in Asturias released a while ago a very interesting tipple. It’s an Asturian sidra blended with the Spanish tempranillo juice. It picked up Silver at CiderWorld 2019 in Frankfurt in the category Cider, still, flavoured and mixed.Company: Grupo El Gaitero
Place of Origin: La Espuncia, Villaviciosa, Asturia, Spain
Apples: a blend of Asturian apple varieties with Tempranillo juice
ABV: 4%
Package type: 750ml champagne corked and wired bottle
Recommended type of glass: wine glass, chalice glass or flute 

Appearance: pours a clear, ruby red with a big white foam that quickly dissipates. Carbonation is medium. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is strong, acidic of red berries, redcurrant, Brettanomyces with a hint of vinegar and butter.

Taste: it starts moderately sweet with medium acidity of lemon. Lingering smokiness, lemon, sour cherry jam. Hints of funky Brettanomyces. sour cherry jam, moderate astringency of wine. gentle tannins.

Overall: At first glance, you get an impression that you are drinking a sparkling and astringent grape juice. But then, you get interestingly farmhouse notes of Brettanomyces that make you uncertain what are you actually drinking. Its taste is interesting but the juice is too dominating so the only thing I can taste coming from sidra is funky Bretts. I couldn’t get any notes of apples. Also, it’s a bit too sweet to my liking so I couldn’t drink much of it. So the El Gaitero Red Grape is more like a wine hybrid than cider to me. Worth trying. 3.5/6

Availability: in the UK from Beers of Europe, Fetch the Drinks. In Denmark from La Tienda CPH. In Ukraine from Rozetka. In Finland from EL Mercado and Viniikartta. In Lithuania from Sidronamai. In Russia from Pivoluchshe.

Price: Monica passed me a sample at CiderWorld 2019 in Frankfurt.