Distelberger Birnenschaumwein Brut

This is another sparkling Birnenmost from Lower Austria after the previously reviewed Glückssprudel. Produced by Distelberger Genuss-Bauernhof.Company: Distelberger Genuss-Bauernhof
Place of Origin:
Amstetten, Lower Austria, Austria
a blend of Austrian pear varieties
Sweetness as per label: 
Package type:
750 ml clear champagne corked and wired bottle
Recommended type of glass: 
white wine glass, chalice glass or flute

Appearance: pours a clear pale straw yellow with a green hue and a white head that quickly dissipates. High carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is moderately strong and sweetish with notes of sugar and lightly burnt sugar, green notes and lilies.

Taste: my first impression is moderately sweet with low acidity of lemon. On the mid-palate, strong bitterness, low astringency, lilies and sugar. Finishes with a lingering bitter note and green notes.

Overall: Again, I didn’t drink this Birnenmost alone. I shared it with my reliable friend that has a sweet tooth. However, in the case of this sample, we had similar thoughts. The scent is rather strange initially smelling of lightly burnt sugar but than additionally notes of lilies appear. I’m sorry to say it but it is rather flat. The taste has an unpleasant, strong and lingering bitter notes that in combination with a sweetness of sugar makes this Birnenmost taste horrible, thus undrinkable. This time I wasn’t alone with this opinion as my friend thought it was also unpleasant. I don’t want to break your heart, Toni, but  I have to. I’m sorry. 2/6

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Price: Birnschaumwenwein Brut was a sample provided by Toni from Mostbarone.