Distelberger Holunderblüte

In order to keep up with the newest trends in cider/perry, Toni Distelberger of Distelberger Genuss-Bauernhof from Mostviertel, released also a hopped Birnenmost blended with elderflower syrup. Furthermore, it comes in a 33cl bottle and has an ABV of only 4.5%.Company: Distelberger Genuss-Bauernhof
Place of Origin:
Amstetten, Lower Austria, Austria
Birnenmost, water, elderflower syrup, hops
Sweetness as per label: 
Package type:
 330 ml amber glass with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: 
white wine glass, chalice glass or flute

Appearance: pours a clear pale straw yellow with a huge white head that immediately dissipates. Medium carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is strong with notes of elderflower, lemon, ripe and unripe mango.

Taste: my first taste is moderately sweet with low acidity of lemon. On the mid-palate, notes of elderflower, unripe and ripe mango and lime. Finishes with a lingering note of unripe mango and distant ripe pineapple.

Overall: I’m taking the fifth sip and still don’t know what to tell you about this beverage. But I’ll try. I think that the Distelberger Holunderblüte is a quite well done hopped perry. In a blind tasting, I would never tell it was diluted with water nor that it was hopped. The taste of elderflower is obviously there and difficult to ignore but further notes that obviously come from hops are in a nice balance with elderflower and go well together. I really liked the gentle acidity as it made this Birnenmost taste like sauvignon blanc. All the flavours seem natural, move smoothly from one to another and are in a good balance. As I expected, there is no flavour of perry/Birnenmost at all. But I enjoyed it anyway. 4.5/6

Availability: directly from their shop or through Mostbarone.

Price: Distelberger Holunderblüte was a sample provided by Toni from Mostbarone.