Kertelreiter Levitation 2019

What is the sum of the equation Irish in Germany and local fruit? That’s not rocket science, isn’t it? Obviously, the answer is CIDER or PERRY. A few years after Barry Masterson moved from Ireland to Germany with his wife (who happens to be German), he bought the harvest rights to some trees (he spent 10 EUR!!!) and started experimenting with the fruit. Until recently, making cider and perry was just a hobby of his. In 2019, he set up Kertelreiter Cider.

I’ve decided to start with the Kertelreiter Levitation 2019, as this perry is made mostly with the fruit coming from old pear trees that Barry loves to hunt down. The Levitation is made with Oberösterreichischer Weinbirne 70%, Conference 20%, Luxemburger Mostbirne 10%.

Company: Kertelreiter Cider
Place of Origin: Schefflenz, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Pears: Oberösterreichischer Weinbirne 70%, Conference 20%, Luxemburger Mostbirne 10%
Sweetness as per label: dry
ABV: 7,7%
Package type: 330ml clear glass bottle with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: white wine glass or tumbler

Appearance: pours an almost clear pale golden with a small head that reduces to a tiny ring. Moderate and natural carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the scent is moderately strong and fruity with notes of elderflower, lychee, peach and a tiny hint of sulphur along with a champagne note.

Taste: it starts bone dry with practically no acidity. On the mid-palate, fruity notes of elderflower, lychee, peach and super high astringency that gives you a feeling of cat’s tongue. Finishes dry with low alcohol, lingering notes of fruits and a touch of bitterness and high astringency.

Overall: I’m looking at my tasting notes right now and I don’t think they properly describe the experience that you get while drinking this perry as the Levitation 2019 is a magnificent drop. And, one of the best perry’s that I ever had! The tannins are extremely strong and make your tongue feeling like a cat’s tongue but this is absolutely not disturbing and actually contributing to the overall complexity of this perry. Actually, if not the tannin content, I would have said I’m drinking a lovely, rich and nicely balanced riesling. That tannin kick is really something! Each sip was an unbelievable experience that I wanted to go through again and again. Interestingly, after drinking only half of the 33cl bottle, I actually felt pleasantly tipsy. Hard to imagine that the ABV is only at 7,7%. Anyways, now I understand where the name of this perry came from, the Levitation. Food-wise, I paired the Levitation 2019 with spicy Indian Chicken Saagwala and I thought it was a good combination that pushed the fruity notes of this perry to the front. Barry of Kertelreiter cider is a cider maker to watch out for in Germany. I would buy more. 5/6

Availability: from their online shop– they also ship to other EU countries!

Price: Barry provided me with a sample