Tabun Cydr z Otomina Wytrawny 2020

After I published the very favourable review of the Tabun Krik 2020, Michał of the Polish Tabun Cydr z Otomina, reached out to me with regards to the Wytrawny 2020 saying: “Don’t drink it! Let it go down the drain”. How could I possibly do that with a craft cider? Admittedly, I have already done that with several industrial alco-pops but never to a proper cider made from real fruit and without unnecessary additives.

This the third vintage that I’m sampling of Michał‘s Wytrawny after the 2018 and 2019 vintage. However, this time Michał made some changes to the blend adding Granny Smith and introducing new experimental apple varieties. Company: Restauracja Tabun
Place of Origin: Otomin, Pomerania, Poland
Apples: a blend of old apple varieties with dessert apple varieties and experimental apple varieties
Sweetness as per label: wytrawny (dry)
ABV: 7,1%
Package type: 
750 ml green glass with crown cork
Recommended type of glass:
 white wine glass

Appearance: pours a hazy pale straw yellow colour with a greenish hue and a small head that reduces to a ring around the glass. Low carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma is rather weak, but pleasantly fruity with notes of raw pineapple, green notes, wood, distant lemon juice and a touch of funk. 

Taste: it begins bone dry with low to medium acidity of lemon juice. On the mid-palate, slightly salty at first, watery with a lingering note of diluted lemon juice, green unripe banana, lime juice, a touch of astringency and vinegar. Finishes with a notes of lime, pear, green unripe banana and lees.  

Overall:  I had the Wytrawny 2020 on a very cloudy, gloomy and rather cold Sunday afternoon, while I think it is a cider to be drunk on a warm sunny day due to its pleasantly citrusy and thus refreshing character. The Wytrawny 2020 is a complex cider with plenty of various notes both on the nose and on the palate. With each sip I could discover a new flavor that I didn’t get before. So drinking the Wytrawny 2020 was a true cider exploring journey. And, a pleasant one on top of that. Similarly to previous vintages, it kept the citrusy character but the 2020 vintage is much more complex than just a lemon spritzer. With all these lemon, lime and green banana notes Michal managed to create a really pleasant and light drink although completely different than the Krik 2020. So why is this cider getting only 4/5? Because the nose could have been stronger and the taste a bit less watery.  I know, I always have to look for sth to complain about. Overall, the Wytrawny 2020 is a light and nicely drinkable pour that will go well on its own but will also pair nicely with e.g. Spanish tapas. 4/6 

Availability: only in Poland for now at Restauracja Tabun in Otomin and from Alfroalko in Gdynia. In Warsaw from Zrodlo Niebanalnych Piw i Alkoholi and from Winnacja in Krakow.

Price: a bottle of this cider was provided by Michał (Restauracja Otomin)

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