Cydr Radosny – tasting 19.06.2021

When one notices that one single cider maker wins Gold, Silver Bronze in an amateur cider competition, overtaking competitors in almost all categories, it is simply impossible not to get curious. Just take a look at the results of the Greater Poland Cup 2021 below or click the link.

Dry still cider

  1. Oaza Spokoju 2020
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny
  2. #13
    Jakub Ejsmont – Cydr Północy

Dry sparkling cider

  1. Rajskie 2020
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny
  2. Antonówka 2020
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny
  3. Debiut 2020
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny

Cider with additives

  1. Chmielony z gujawą 2019
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny
  2. Cydr Radosny z kwiatem czarnego bzu 2019
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny
  3. Cydr Elderflower 2019
    Radek Ogar – Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny

As you might have noticed, Cydrownia Saint Cyprien / Cydr Radosny basically smashed the competitors winning basically everything. So in a situation like this, what do you when you are temporarily located in the same city as the cider maker and you have already tried two ciders from their cider range? That’s right, you want to learn MORE and understand why on Earth this particular cider maker won so many awards.

I’m referring here to Cydr Radosny Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland. As a refresher, Cydr Radosny (Polish for Joyful Cider) is made up by Radek and Mikołaj. I previously reviewed their Brettoffowy and Igielkowy z Imbirem. Radek has always wanted to make wine. So in order to practice wine making techniques he started experimenting with an easily available fruit that in the Autumn usually rots on the ground under the trees as no-one picks it up – an apple. In 2018, Radek entered his first cider in a competition Lubelskie Stowarzyszenie Milosnikow Cydru (The Lublin Association of Cider Lovers) and won the first prize.

After seeing the results of the Greater Poland, I first thought that there were only little cider makers who entered their ciders. However, I was told that approx. 120 ciders were entered into this cider competition, and roughly 20 were entered by Cydr Radosny. If that is indeed the fact, then this is a truly remarkable achievement for Cydr Radosny!

Radek and Mikołaj

And then, what happened is the following: I received an invitation to an exclusive tasting of some of the Cider Radosny winning ciders. Apart from me there were two friends of Radek and Mikolaj and a Wroclaw food blogger Magda of Zwidelcempowroclawiu. The tasting took place in one of the idyllic old post-German allotment gardens in the Osobowice neighborhood of Wroclaw, Lower Silesia in Poland. Needless to say that the conditions among old fruit trees, herbs and hedgehogs passing through were simply fabulous. Well, except perhaps for the mosquitos craving for our blood and flying continuously above our heads. Anyway, Radek and Mikolaj prepared several cider flights:

  1. Oaza spokoju 2020 (a blend of several varieties of 2020)
  2. Grochówka 2020 (a single varietal made with Bohnapfel using wild yeast maturated until 01.2020) and Grochówka 2020 (a single varietal made with Bohnapfel using wild yeast maturated until 03.2020)
  3. Antonowka 2020 (a single varietal made with Antonowka using selected yeast), Pigwowiec 2020 (made with Japanese quince)
  4. Reinettes 2020 (a blend of Reinette du Canada 66% with Reine de Reinettes 33% using selected wine yeasts), Brettofowy Debiut 2020, Kamieniaki spod Ślęży 2020 (a blend of two different ciders made with Bohnapfel)
  5. Rajskie 2020 (a blend of old apple varieties and crab apples using selected yeast)
  6. Elderflower 2019 (made with Elderflower syrup), Elderflower 2018 (made with elderflower), Elderflower 2019 (made with elderflower), Elderflower 2020 (made with elderflower).

Overall, I must admit that I was amazed by the quality of ciders made by the guys from Cydr Radosny. Although Radek and Mikolaj are still at an early stage of cider making, where they are experimenting with different apple varieties, different blends and even additional ingredients such as Japanese quince, elderflower or hops, their ciders made quite an impression on me. All of their ciders were complex, highly drinkable with a structure, a broad array of flavours and good length. As there were overall only 4 participants in our small cider tasting, it was interesting to see that we all had different taste preferences. My personal favorites were Oaza spokoju 2020 and Antonowka 2020. Their Antonowka really amazed me as the nose was very aromatic with a strong note of green apples although apparently the apples used for this cider were ripe and definitely not green. Also, this apple variety is usually rich in acid, however, the level of acidity in this cider was just right, very refreshing but not too strong. This is something I could imagine drinking on a hot summer day or pair with fish or sea food.

I also thought that the flight with different versions of elderflower was inspiring. Admittedly, I preferred the cider made with elderflower to elderflower sirup. It gave a completely different taste profile.

I summary, I enjoyed the possibility of trying several different ciders made by Cydr Radosny and being able to directly compare the differences between the taste profiles of ciders made using different production methods, blends or ingredients. Not sure how about you but I don’t get a chance like that every day. Also, It was interesting to see how different perception of different ciders among our tiny audience was.

Needless to say after this cider tasting at Cydr Radosny, I’m no longer surprised by the results of the Greater Poland. Ciders made by Radek and Mikolaj are really well one, have a good quality and are very drinkable. And, I do hope that soon they will be commercially available so a broader audience can try and make their own opinion about the ciders made by Cydr Radosny.

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