Gutshof Kraatz Wilde Kerle 2016

Wilde Kerle, meaning Wild Buddies or Wild Things (if referring to Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’) in German, is an Apfelwein from Gutshof Kraatz made entirely from German wild apple varieties, rich in tannins adding astringency and/or bitterness and complexity to Apfelwein or cider. It is not an easy task for Florian from … Continue reading Gutshof Kraatz Wilde Kerle 2016

Gutshof Kraatz Schöner von Boskoop 2013

German apfelwein from Gutshof Kraatz, which I am sampling today is quite unusual as it comes from Uckermark located in the northeastern Germany. Uckermark is not really associated with the tradition of apfelwein like other German regions, such as Hesse or Swabia. However, there is a logical explanation to this. In the 1930ties Christian Kaufmann, … Continue reading Gutshof Kraatz Schöner von Boskoop 2013

CiderWorld 2018: visit recap

CiderWorld 2018 began for me already in January 2018 when Michael Stöckl, Apfelwein sommelier and organiser of CiderWorld, offered me the opportunity to join the judging panel of the CiderWorld Awards 2018, an international cider fair in Frankfurt, Germany launched in 2008 as Apfelwein International. The thought of meeting cider makers in person, trying multiple … Continue reading CiderWorld 2018: visit recap

Cider in the Markthalle Neun in Berlin + Danish cider at Rødder (tasting notes)

Recently, I have visited my favourite market hall/food court in Berlin, The Markthalle Neun. The Markthalle Neun is enormously popular among locals, fresh Berliners and visitors from around the globe craving for high-quality tasty and unique food and drinks at quite reasonable prices. Actually, I don’t remember when was the last time I was there, it must … Continue reading Cider in the Markthalle Neun in Berlin + Danish cider at Rødder (tasting notes)