Goldkehlchen Weichsel

My last acquaintance with Cider from Goldkehlchen, the cider maker from Austria was rather so-so. So this time I’m trying their ‘Weichsel’, a cider blended with sour cherry juice. Interestingly, ‘Weichsel’ is a term used for sour cherry in Austria, Switzerland and some parts of Bavaria. In Berlin, we call it ‘Sauerkirsche’.Company: Goldkehlchen KG
Place of Origin: Vienna, Austria
Ingredients: wine and juice obtained from Styrian apples blended with sour cherry juice
ABV: 4.5%
Package type: 330ml clear bottle with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: wine glass or chalice glass

Appearance: pours a clear ruby red with a light pink head that slowly dissipates. Medium, artificial carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is sweet with notes of sour cherries, black currant, strawberries, almonds and ripe red apples.

Taste: it starts lightly watery and lightly sweet at the same time with low to medium acidity, then a moderately astringent taste appears, notes of berries and light sour cherries. A touch of bitterness appears. Ends with a light sourish note of sour cherries.

Overall: I liked it. Especially, I was fond of the notes of cherries and various berries with a light refreshing acidity. The Weichsel from Goldkehlchen is a decent fruity offering that has a pleasant, intense and complex nose. But also the palate has a nice structure and decent length. What’s important, the Weichsel doesn’t taste like juice but a pleasant fruit wine that can be likeable by everyone. A really nice drop that I could have again. It will pair well with cheese but also with ice cream. 4/6

Availability: broad in Austria. But also in Germany from Ciderei, Gourmondo, Austrian Shop, Fräulein Lecker, Kochhaus. In Sweden from Brill & Co.

Price: Weichsel from Goldkehlchen was a sample provided by Ciderei.