Bereziartua Sidra Bere

I haven’t reviewed any sidra or sagardoa from Spain in a while. Time to change it! Sidra Bere is another sagardo or sagardoa (description for sidra in the Basque Country) from Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak that I have a pleasure to review. The Bereziartua Sidra Bere is a blend of Basque apple varieties such as Txalaka, Urtebia, Judeline, Judo. Previously, I have sampled their Sidra Natural.Company: Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak
Place of Origin: Astigarraga, Basque Country, Spain
Apples: a blend of Txalaka, Urtebia, Judeline, Judo
ABV: 6.0%
Package type: 330ml green glass bottle with crown cork
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a hazy orange with no head. No carbonation. Body is medium. Sediment in the bottle.

Aroma/Nose: the nose does not explode out of the glass. It smells sour of lemon and vinegar. Also, notes of nail polish remover, funk, brown sugar, grapefruit flesh, grapefruit skin and fermented apples. 

Taste: it begins dry with no residual sweetness and medium to high vinegary like-acidity and a strong flavour of lemon juice. The mid-palate has notes of fermented apples, nail polish, remover and lemon with a light astringency. The finish is dry with notes of lemon, grapefruit-like bitterness and low lingering astringency.

Overall: If you don’t mind notes of vinegar and nail polish remover, I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Sidra Bere is a full-bodied and refreshing sagardoa with a good structure, depth and good length. Only the nose could be slightly stronger. Anyway, I can imagine Sidra Bere would taste delicious on a hot summer day and would go excellent with food. Definitely worth a purchase. 4.5/6

Availability: from their online shop or through Grau Online, In the Czech Republic from Dobry Cider.

Price: Mikel passed me a bottle at CiderWorld2019 in Frankfurt.


Manzanova Sidra Ecologica

Manzanova is a Spanish brand belonging to the Hijos de Rivera group, which also have Maeloc among other brands in their portfolio. Manzanova was produced by Custom Drinks from Spanish apples sourced from organic farms. Company: Custom Drinks, which is part of the Hijos de Rivera group
Place of Origin: Chantada, Lugo, Galicia, Spain
Apples: Spanish apples from organic farms
ABV: 4.0%
Package type: 250ml green glass bottle with pull-off cap
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear golden with a short-lived massive white foam. Medium artificial carbonation. Body is low.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is slightly funky and sweet and exhibits notes of apple juice with leather and a hint of vinegar.

Taste: it starts medium sweet with low to medium vinegary acidity. On the mid-palate apple juice with a touch of bitterness, leather, and a smoky note with overripe apples. The aftertaste is dry with apple juice taste and gentle astringency.

Overall: Manzanova is a pleasant drop. Not very challenging and a bit too sweet to my palate, but quite complex and enjoyable. I remember I had it once before I started this blog and I didn’t appreciate it at the time. Now, however, I find Manzanova drinkable and ok. For those having a sweet tooth. Also, it pairs well with paella. 3.5/6

Availability: I couldn’t find it online, but Manzanova should be available in Spanish restaurants, tapas bars or any stores carrying Spanish products.

Price: purchased at 2.20 EUR from Lola Spanische Feinkost located in the Marheineke Markthalle in Berlin. Btw, they serve very tasty and authentic Spanish food if you are interested.


Bereziartua Sidra Natural

Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak is a family owned cider producer, established in 1870 in Ergobia, Basque Country, Spain. In 1970 they moved to their current location in Astigarraga. Their natural sidra received Gold at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) in 2015 and Bronze in 2016. Moreover, in 2015 and 2016 Sidra Natural was awarded Pomme d’Or at the International Apfelwein Weltweit in Frankfurt.Company: Sidras Bereziartua Sagardoak
Place of Origin: Astigarraga, Basque Country, Spain
Apples: Txalaka, Urtebia, Judeline, Judo
ABV: 6.0%
Package type: 750ml green glass bottle with natural cork
Recommended type of glass: white wine glass or just any glass

Appearance: pours a cloudy orange. No carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose has yeast, tart apples, fermented apples, grapefruit, lemon, orange and a distant vinegary note.

Taste: the first taste is watery with medium acidity and a light vinegary and lemon-like note. The mid-palate has a yeasty flavour with fermented apples, mouth puckering moderate tannins, and a gentle note of sauerkraut and grapefruit. The aftertaste is dry with a lingering astringency, grapefruit-bitterness and a touch of vinegar.

Overall: Sidra Natural is a very refreshing and rich cider. Nicely drinkable if you don’t mind the vinegar note and a quite high level of dryness typical for Spanish sidras. Although I enjoyed it I can’t call it remarkable. But I wouldn’t mind having it again. 4/6

Availability: from their online shop, Opily Jabko. Grau Online. Locally from InCider Bar, Dobry Cider in Prague.

Price: purchased in InCider Bar in Prague at 180 CZK (6.90 EUR)

Mayador Produccion Limitada Cosecha 2014

Bodegas Mayador was founded in 1939 by Manuel Busto Amandi in a small town of Villaviciosa, which as many other Spanish cider producers are located in Asturias. Today I am reviewing the Production Limitada Cosecha 2014, which was slowly fermented in chestnut barrels from selected Asturian apples following 14 months of maturation.Company: Bodegas Mayador
Place of Origin: Villaviciosa, Asturias, Spain
Apples: selected apples
Sweetness as per label: semi-dry
ABV: 5%
Package type: 750ml green champagne corked bottle
Recommended type of glass: flute, snifter or white wine glass

Appearance: pours a clear golden with orange hues and no head. Lightly sparkling. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is rather dry and has overripe apples with a mild acetic note. Also, I can sense a delicate herbal note with some funk and a touch of wood.

Taste: it starts moderately sweet with a moderate acetic-acidity, which breaks the sweetness. Overripe red apples with herbs, pear and something spicy with a watery taste and a touch of smoked cheese and wood on the mid-palate. The finish is dry and slightly astringent with light and pleasant lingering bitterness.

Overall: Delicious sidra, which will most likely appeal to everyone. Perhaps doesn’t taste spectacular, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Produccion Limitada is refreshing and crisp with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. Tastes great on a hot summer day even without any food. I’m sure it wood pair well with something spicy. I would like to have it again one day. 4.5/6 

Availability: Produccion Limitada can be purchased from Ciderwinkel or La Sidra.

Price: purchased online from Ciderwinkel. Mayador Produccion Limitada was one of the sidras in the Spanish discovery box.

Viuda de Angelon ‘1947’ Sidra Natural Asturias

The history of Viuda de Angelon dates back to 1947 when Alfredo Ordoñez Onís established the sidreria at the orchards of Alameda. In 1978 they moved to their current location in La Teyera, Nava.img_8928Company: Lagar Sidra Viuda de Angelón
Place of Origin: Nava, Asturia, Spain
Apples: apples from their own orchards
ABV: 6%
Package type: 750ml amber glass bottle with natural cork
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute

Appearance: pours a clear, deep golden yellow with almost no carbonation. Body is medium.

Aroma/Nose: On the nose there are ripe and red apples with is some light acetic-acidity. After few further sniffs, I think I can smell a distant wood note.

Taste: it starts with medium sweetness and moderate acetic-like acidity. The mid-palate has red and ripe apples. The finish is dry with lingering bitter grapefruit and herbal notes. Tasty!

Overall: extremely delicious sidra, which will please very demanding cider lovers along with those, who just look for a tasty thirst quencher. But why did the bottle end up so fast??? If you try ‘1947’ you will fall in love. Cheers! 5/6

Availability: this is a real challenge to find any sidra in Berlin or even Germany. Not to mention this particular sidra. A number of Spanish online shops such as Dispensa de Asturias, Sidra.Shop or Quesosaquilino sell ‘1947 at approx. 4-5 EUR/bottle, but I’m not sure whether they ship abroad.

Price: purchased online from Ciderwinkel. ‘1947’ was one of the sidras in the Spanish discovery box.

El Gaitero Etiqueta Blanca

Spanish sidra from Grupo El Gaitero is an interesting example of sidra that became a mass product before the term was even invented. Already in the 19th century, El Gaitero started exporting their sidra to Spanish and American colonies. Today El Gaitero is one of the biggest sidra brands in Spain.Company: Grupo El Gaitero
Place of Origin: La Espuncia, Villaviciosa, Asturia, Spain
Apples: a blend of apples from Asturia
ABV: 4.1%
Package type: 750ml champagne corked bottle (the silver foil on the cork looks really cheap and tears easily when I am trying to open the bottle. That doesn’t leave a good first impression).
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or flute 

Appearance: pours a clear, deep golden with a big white head. Carbonation is heavy with small nice bubbles and seems to be natural.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma has white wine notes with red apple skins and apple juice. I can also sense some ripe apples and pears with interesting distant sweet ripe melon hints.

Taste: Sidra El Gaitero (Etiqueta Blanca) is relatively sweet. Sweeter than I expected judging by the scent. The initial raisin like sweetness changes after a while to light acetic acidity. But, the perception of vinegar increases with every sip and with increasing temperature. The medium palate has overripe apples. The finish is dry without any perceivable tannins.

Overall: Sidra El Gaitero (Etiqueta Blanca) can be described in a few words as sweet, fizzy apple vinegar. While the aroma is quite pleasant, the taste is less complex consisting of literally only three taste notes. In addition, if you have a sensitive stomach be careful as the relatively strong vinegar perception could cause stomach pain. Summarizing, I think that this sidra is drinkable and could find an audience but it’s just too simple to earn a better rate from me. I don’t think I would consider buying it again. 2.5/6

Availability: almost every supermarket in Spain. As for other European countries check supermarkets selling products from Mediterranean countries.

Price: purchased locally from Mitte Meer in Berlin.

Maeloc Sidra con Fresa

Maeloc Sidra con Fresa (strawberry-flavoured cider) from Galicia region of Spain.Maeloc con fresa.jpgCompany: Maeloc Way
Place of Origin: A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Ingredients: Galician apples, 6% strawberry juice from concentrate and aroma. 
Sweetness as per label: dry cider with a strawberry flavour.
Alc: 4%
Package type: 330 ml amber glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: any glass will do

Appearance: pours a clean, pale red body (strawberry jam-like) with a large white head, which quickly disappears. High and unlikely natural carbonation.

Aroma/Nose: when I opened the bottle a strawberry aroma typical for strawberry jam or fizzy drink appeared. Definitely not natural. No apples on the nose. Strawberries totally overpowered the aroma of this sidra.

Taste: strawberry jam with some hints of strawberry ice cream, milkshake or candy. Maeloc is moderately sweet, slightly acidic but not dry as stated on the bottle. Again, I can’t taste any apples. In the aftertaste, there is a strange artificial flavour. But again, no apples.

Overall: not that bad as I expected. Basically, it tasted like a fizzy strawberry jam lemonade. It is not as artificial as the most mass-market flavoured ciders but the problem with this cider is that the strawberry flavour is too dominating. It is a nice fizzy summer drink though. 2.5/6

Availability: seems to be available in many supermarkets all over Europe.

Price: bought locally in Karstadt in Berlin for 1 EUR.