Mr. Plūme Ābolu Sidrs Sausais 2016

You’d never guess but Berlin is the place where Māris Plūme’s passion for cider was born. Māris is actually a musician, who was looking in Berlin for his own path. And, he found it. To a party organised by a Latvian friend living in Berlin, someone brought a homemade cider created from Latvian apples. Māris tried it and thought this cider tasted great. In the same moment, he realised that he could also make cider from Latvian apples. But first, he had to learn how to make one. So after he completed a short internship with Domaine Dupont and at a most-producing family in Mostviertel,  GenussBauernhof Distelberger in Austria, he was ready to start his own business in Latvia, Mr. Plūme.Company: Mr. Plūme sidra darītava
Place of Origin: Jumpravas pagasts, Lielvārdes novads, Latvia
Apples a blend of wild crab apples with local apple varieties
Sweetness as per label: dry
ABV: 6.5%
Package type: 
750ml clear glass with natural cork
Recommended type of glass: 
wine glass or snifter

Appearance: pours a clear pale golden with no head. No visible carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: the aroma is fruity and acidic with notes of overripe apples, yellow apples, distant green apples, light vinous, light incense, honeydew and quince.

Taste: it begins dry with some residual sweetness and a medium acidity of lemon. Yellow apples, a pleasant lingering citrusy taste of both, lemon juice and flesh, a light astringent taste and honeydew on the mid-palate. The finish is dry and citrusy of lemon and lightly chalky with a note of yellow and overripe apples.

Overall: I love the label, but the bottle and cork aren’t really inviting (sorry, Māris). But when you decide to explore the bottle content you’ll not regret it. Ābolu Sidrs Sausais from Mr. Plūme is a very well structured, clear tasting and pleasant apple forward apple wine with light tannin and lingering fruity notes. Actually, I think it may easily compete with the best apple wines from the most renowned cider makers. It will pair well with fish and poultry. But you can drink it alone, e.g. I watched the telly and sipped it the whole evening. I adored Ābolu Sidrs Sausais! Hopefully, ciders from Mr. Plūme will be soon available in my area. 4.5/6 

Availability: available from Mr. Plūme. At farmers markets and many other places in Latvia. Possibly also from Siidrimaja in Estonia, Holm Cider in Copenhagen and MostBirnHaus in Austria.

Price: Ābolu Sidrs Sausais 2016 was a sample provided by Māris from Mr. Plūme.