Na Cuana Devil’s Bit Mountain Cider

The Devil’s Bit is an Irish cider brand owned by Adam’s Cider Company, a subsidiary of Na Cuana. Na Cuana means actually the Cooney’s in Irish. This is because the Cooney’s family is behind this business venture. Apart from cider, Cooney’s also have gin, vodka, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages in their portfolio. Anyway, Cooney’s set up Adam’s Cider Company in 1994, which means that the Devil’s Bit has been produced for almost 25 years. For the Devil’s Bit Mountain Cider, Conney’s use Dabinett, Michelin and Ashton Bitter, which come from their own orchards in Borrisoleigh and Tara in County Tipperary and Meath, respectively.Company: Adam’s Cider Company, a subsidiary of Na Cuana
Place of Origin: Lagavooren, Platin Rd., Drogheda, County Meath, Ireland
Ingredients: cider apples, spring water, sugar, malic acid, carbon dioxide, sodium metabisulphite
ABV: 6%
Package type: 500ml can
Recommended type of glass: pint glass or chalice glass

Appearance: pours a clear pale amber with a white head that quickly dissipates. Medium artificial carbonation. Body is low to medium.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is not strong. Notes of red apples, bread, light caramel and a hint of nail polish.

Taste: my first taste is medium sweet of caramel and sugar with the low acidity of lemon. On the mid-palate red apples, some smoky notes and a touch of bitterness. Leaves a lingering caramel note with a flavour of lemon.

Overall: the Devil’s Bit tastes a bit like a Coca-Cola mixed with cider due to the prevalent flavour of caramel and high sweetness on the palate. Also, the aftertaste is exactly like after drinking a glass of coke. I think it’s drinkable but personally, I found it too sweet. And, the nose is very weak with barely detectable flavours. The Devil’s Bit has some depth, flavours of bittersweet cider apples and the taste that lingers on. Although the water was added, I can’t taste any watery taste. It tastes quite ok for a commercial cider. 3/6

Availability: all over Ireland.

Price: a sample was provided by Matt from Na Cuana.