Döhne Apfelschaumwein Brut 2013

In the northern part of Hesse, 15 km away from Kassel in Schauenburg Joachim Döhne makes his exquisite Apfelwein using the traditional champagne method. Although the cidery was established only in 1996 he and his Apfelschaumwein are already well known and highly regarded in the German as well as international cider world. Let’s find out why. Shall we? 🙂Company: Brennerei und Kellerei Joachim Döhne
Place of Origin: Schauenburg-Breitenbach, Hesse, Germany
Apples: a cuvée of Boskoop, Jakob Lebel, Schöner von Herrenhut and Kaiser Wilhelm
Sweetness as per label: brut
ABV: 10%
Package type: 375ml green glass champagne-corked bottle
Recommended type of glass: flute

Appearance: pours a clear deep golden with a large white head, created by massive bubbles. Carbonation is the champagne type. I love to watch those hypnotizing strings of bubbles.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is dry and has notes of pears with ripe apple skins and flesh.  More distant flavours include wood, and something earthy. The aroma reminds me a bit of French cidre.

Taste: it begins very dry with white wine notes and lingering moderate to high lemon-like acidity. The mid-palate has overripe apples, red apple flesh and skins. The finish is tart and dry with soft tannins. Also, it has a moderate astringency with a mildly bitter and wood flavour. The astringency slightly increases after a while. Alcohol, despite the high ABV, is not perceivable in the taste but gives you warming effect in the throat.

Overall: I loved it! Seriously! Both the palate and the nose show complexity, good structure and depth. Every sip was a pure pleasure. Taste wise somewhere between a French cidre, German Apfelwein and dry champagne. Döhne’s Brut is just a perfect bubbly to celebrate New Year’s Eve, your birthday or the fact that champagne made from apples can taste divine! A must try! 5/6 

Availability: as for now only shops in Germany seem to stock Döhne’s Apfelschaumwein. Locally at the farm and online from Brennerei und Kellerei Joachim Döhne. Online available from Apfelweinkontor, Apfel im GlasAhle Wurscht Shop, Kaufhaus Hessen, Weinzeche.

Price: purchased online from Apfelweinkontor at 8.5 EUR