Vin-Kon Cydr Bursztynowy

When I was browsing the Internet, I stumbled upon a new Polish cider brand, Cydr Bursztynowy (Polish for Amber Cider). I was excited at first as I thought that there is a new craft cider on the market. But, then I tracked the company behind the Cydr Bursztynowy and it turned out that it’s just another fruit juice concentrate manufacturer trying to take advantage of the cider boom in the Polish market.Company: Vin-Kon S.A.
Place of Origin: Konin, Greater Poland, Poland
Apples: unknown Polish apple varieties
ABV: 4.5%
Package type: draught
Recommended type of glass: pint glass

Appearance: pours a cloudy orange with a short-lived white foam, which reduces to a ring. Medium carbonation. Body is low.

Aroma/Nose: smells of dirty old cloth and sulphur with notes of commercial apple juice. Disgusting!

Taste: it tastes syrupy sweet, as if someone added some kind of syrup to it, no acidity to break the sweetness. Followed by notes of commercial apple juice and sulphur. That’s all I’m getting here.

Overall: At first I was surprised when the bartender asked me, whether I want any ice or orange slice in my cider. But, after taking the first sniff and subsequently the first sip I understood what he was getting at. Cydr Bursztynowy is a horrible and dull alco-pop with a just terrible nose. Seriously, it smelled of dirty old cloth! Without an orange slice barely drinkable. Never again! 0/6

Availability: only in Poland. Swojskie Alkohole in Gdańsk, Vodalko in Konin, Duzy Ben in Poznań.

Price: had it in Odra-Pany in Wrocław at 10 PLN (2.40 EUR)