Fortuna Cydr Miłosławski Półwytrawny

If you read on the label that a brewery is responsible for cider that you’re about to drink, you may take it for granted that this cider will not taste remarkable. Having an average tasting cider is maybe the best-case scenario for such cider. Today I’m challenging Cydr Miłosławski Półwytrawny (semi-dry) manufactured by Browar Fortuna, which is a brewery from Miłosław, Greater Poland, Poland.Company: Browar Fortuna
Region of Origin: Miłosław, Greater Poland, Poland
Apples: Polish apples
Sweetness as per label: semi-dry
ABV: 4.5%
Package type:
500ml brown glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: 
pint glass or chalice glass

Appearance: pours a clear pale straw with a huge white fizz that slowly dissipates. High artificial carbonation. Body is low.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is weak and has notes of yellow and tart apples with a bit of wood and funk. Also, it smells slightly sweet of sugar.

Taste: it starts watery and medium sweet with low acidity. The medium palate is fruity with a yellow apple note with light bitterness and tartness. It leaves a light buttery and fruity aftertaste.

Overall: I can’t say that Cydr Miłosławski Półwytrawny is not drinkable. Neither it tastes artificial. However, the Miłosławski has no depth and no lingering flavours. It basically tastes like a fizzy alcoholic apple beverage. Nothing special, but can be refreshing if you’re desperately looking for a drinkable cider-like beverage. 2.5/6

Availability: almost every supermarket in Poland carries it.

Price: purchased at a convenience store Zabka in Wroclaw at 3.5 PLN (0.85 EUR).