Manufaktura Cydru Półsłodki

The Polish cider scene had been dominated by men until Dorota Krawczyk and her Manufaktura Cydru’s team released last year their first cider Wytrawny (dry). Since then she has been creating unique and delicious ciders from, one would say, boring dessert and eating apples. Today I’m reviewing their Półsłodki, which is a semi-sweet cider made from Champion, Gloster and Jonagored.Company: Manufaktura Cydru
Place of Origin: Podolszyn, Masovia, Poland
a blend of Champion, Gloster and Jonagored
Package type: 
500ml green glass bottle with crown cap
Recommended type of glass: chalice glass, white wine glass, snifter or pint glass

Appearance: pours a clear straw yellow with no head. Slightly sparkling. Body is low.

Aroma/Nose: the nose is fruity with yellow apples, pear, hints of funk and a touch of sulphur.

Taste: the first impression is medium sweet with low to medium lemon-like acidity, which gives way to notes of pear, yellow apples and a hint of sulphur. It finishes dry with a distant note of bitterness, a chalky taste on the tongue and a pleasant flavour of lemon drops.

Overall: whereas Manufaktura Cydru’s Scrumpy was a cider for a connaisseur, their Półsłodki is a cider for everyone. It will be appreciated by those who like sweet cider, but also by those who like their cider on the drier side. It’s a perfect in between. It’s not as rich on the palate as the Scrumpy, but still leaves some room for sensory exploration and can be likeable. Taken together, I think that Półsłodki is a pleasant and drinkable pour and a good alternative to the Polish mainstream ciders. I would order it again. 3.5/6

Availability: from Skrzynka Piwa, a może Pifko ?Czarodziejka Gorzałka, Hoppy Story, Chmiel i Żyto in Warsaw. In Wroclaw through Drink Hala and Dobre Moce.

Price: a sample of the Półsłodki was provided to me by Dorota from Manufaktura Cydru